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Water News and Commentary

DWR Water News Clipping Service (week days)
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GrokSurf’s San Diego

George Jantzen’s excellent reporting on San Diego area water issues, plus links to other water blogs

Water news from the Water Education Foundation

UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Pithy and entertaining; not for the easily offended

Breaking news and reports from around the state


Water NGOs and more

Clean water for everyone, forever. Gillingham Water supports Water For People.

Continue to use the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite N.P. as a reservoir for San Francisco, or not? This is why water supply is such a fun business.

Dispassionate policy analysis of water and other issues

Platte River Recovery Restoration Program

Restoring habitat for endangered species on the Platte River. Managed by friends of Gillingham Water.

San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy

The wetlands in our backyard.  Protecting nature, connecting communities.

Agencies, Laws, Rules, Regulations

California Department of Water Resources

State government’s water management agency
For when you need to go to the source

SWP Reliability Report

Projected SWP delivery reliability; updated every 2 yr.

CA Division of Drinking Water

Formerly DHS, formerly CDPH, now part of the State Water Resources Control Board. Same regulations, new name.

CA Office of Water Use Efficiency

Everything you need to know on conservation, UWMPs, SB 7x-7, and more

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

The mother agency for southern California water supply

San Diego County Water Authority

The wholesale water agency for most of San Diego County.

DRW Bulletin 61 (1958)

This document, "Investigation of Alternative Aqueduct Routes to San Diego County," formed the planning basis for the construction of the Second San Diego Aqueduct. (23 MB download)

Snowpack, Runoff, Weather, El Nino, Etc.

CA Snowpack Data Site

CA Data Exchange Center, DWR

Colorado River Basin Snowpack

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation site

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

We at Gillingham Water believe in the importance of firsthand snowpack inspections . . . for purely professional purposes of course!

Wonkish commentary by Weather West. Coverage of the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, El Nino (or not), etc.

The better to plan your next excursion deep into the Escalante! (You can pull up a plot by clicking on Historic (sic) Data, and selecting Lake Powell.)

CA Reservoir Storage

More from the CA Data Exchange Center, DWR
Site maintained by SDCWA
Facts on California water use, from PPIC

Water Conservation How-To (as recommended by . . .)

Water Conservation at Home

As recommended by the middle school students in Prentice Wisconsin, an article from the site with tips for saving water at home.

More to come . . .

Water is Amazing

From Cambridge University

Fun with Waves and Oceanography

Where did that wave come from?
More to come . . .



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