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We help you plan and deliver successful water projects

Gillingham Water provides professional planning and engineering services in support of client needs for reliable, economical, and environmentally sustainable water supply and water facility projects. A key focus of our practice is the critical front-end planning and design-definition phase of projects, where concepts are given form, evaluated against alternatives, refined, permitted, and approved. We apply planning and engineering expertise, innovative thinking, and in-depth knowledge of regulations and institutions to help you deliver projects that win broad support, obtain necessary approvals, and provide life-cycle cost efficiencies for the benefit of project owners and ratepayers.

Why hire Gillingham Water?

Gillingham Water will help you assess and refine your project plan, and to implement project evaluation and approval strategies to make your project successful. You will receive personalized services that are cost-competitive, responsive, and clearly communicated, and which fully meet and exceed your expectations for quality, innovation, and professionalism. Please contact us today to review your plans and support needs for your next project.

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