Gillingham Water -- Helping clients plan and deliver successful water projects

Services Offered

We provide the following services to public and private clients in the San Diego region and throughout California:


 · Water Facility Planning and Preliminary Design

 · Pipeline Alignment and Hydraulic Design Studies

 · Storage Planning / Storage Operations Studies

 · Aqueduct System Planning and Operations Studies

 · Alternative Water Supply Assessment

 · Water Supply Plans / Integrated Resource Plans

 · Water Master Plans

 · Water Demand Analysis and Forecasting

 · Supply Reliability Analysis

 · Water Supply Documentation (SB 610/221 Water Supply Assessment and Verification Reports)

 · Alternatives Analysis / Cost-Benefit Analysis

 · Strategic Planning / Decision Analysis Support

 · Engineering-Environmental Coordination / Permitting and Approval Strategy

 · Project Management and Facilitation Services

·  Independent Review / QC


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